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Past Events

Step back in time and relive the electrifying atmosphere of past events featuring Taiwo Adegoke’s music. Although not physically present, Taiwo’s captivating guitar melodies and African rhythms filled the air and left audiences spellbound. Discover our collection of past events and immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Taiwo Adegoke’s music, performed by talented musicians from around the world

Thu, Feb 16, 8:00 PM GMT+1


Sat, Mar 25th, 12:30 PM GMT+1

All County Guitar Ensembles

Sun, April 16th, 17:00PM GMT+2

Afro Classical Concert

Upcoming Events

Join us for an upcoming event featuring the mesmerizing music of Taiwo Adegoke. Experience the soulful sounds of West Africa brought to life through Taiwo’s unique and innovative approach to classical guitar. From intimate gatherings to grand concerts, Taiwo’s performances are an unforgettable musical journey. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events and join us for an evening of enchanting music and cultural celebration.

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