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"Meet our talented musician with a soulful sound and captivating style. Experience the magic of Taiwo Adegoke, a rising star in the music scene.

Introducing Taiwo Adegoke, the West African musician revolutionizing classical guitar with innovative arrangements and ethnomusicology research

Taiwo Adegoke is a multi-talented musician, composer, guitar educator, and ethnomusicologist, who has dedicated his life’s work to preserving and promoting the music of his native West Africa. Born in the vibrant city of Oshogbo in 1992, Taiwo has spent years conducting extensive research in the field of ethnomusicology, with a particular focus on the music of the Nigerian tribes.

One of Taiwo’s passions is composing and arranging traditional African folk music for the classical guitar, a unique and innovative approach that has garnered him critical acclaim both in his home country and abroad. His body of work includes solo, duo, and ensemble pieces for the guitar, as well as chamber music for guitar and other instruments.


The Global Reach and Cultural Impact of Taiwo Adegoke’s Music and Mission

Taiwo’s music has been performed in concerts across the globe, including Nigeria, the United States, Germany, Slovenia, Japan, and beyond. He is also the founder and chairman of the Chocolate Africa Classical Guitar Society of Nigeria, the first classical guitar society in Nigeria and West Africa, with a mission to revive ethnic music and promote classical guitar music through education, arrangement, and performance of African folk songs and compositions. Taiwo’s vision for his society and his work is to bring to life the rich and vibrant music of Africa and to inspire a new generation of musicians to embrace their cultural heritage while creating new and exciting works of their own.

Taiwo Adegoke's traditional music is simply enchanting. His unique and soulful sound takes you on a journey to West Africa, and you can feel the passion and dedication he pours into every note. A true master of his craft.

Otenaike Oluwatobi

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